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Wise Women 50 OVER 50 Project

Are you a woman over the age of 50?  We are celebrating mature women of all shapes, sizes, lifestyles and backgrounds with our 2020 wonderful women over 50 project. These are our mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers- the matriarchs of our families. They are to be cherished and celebrated. I am hoping to photograph 50 women over 50 and have them share their stories and feelings about being a mature woman and aging.

Why? Your photographs become your memories. There is nothing more powerful or valuable. They will outlive you and become like precious jewels to your family, to be passed down through the generations over time. I encourage you to be bold, be courageous, step out of your comfort zone and do something that will create timeless treasured memories for your family. 

My mom, who is pictured above and is 92 years young, gave me a few pictures that she has treasured throughout the years of her family. I only have one picture of her mother (my grandmother), who died before I was born. What I wouldn't give to have met her, and to have more pictures of her and my grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins. They all died before I was born... can you see the value of pictures? We are never guaranteed time, yet we all think we have it. Do it for your family... even the ones you don't know that will someday wish they had known you. 

I want this to be something magical and inspiring of women reaching middle age. Women of this age often feel like they are disappearing, are not valued, and invisible. I want women of this age to feel beautiful, to see that they are valued, still beautiful, still vibrant, and contribute greatly to our families.

What does it cost? 

I am offering the 50 OVER 50 special promotion for just $190, valued at $490. The 11x14 print that will be included will be displayed at the showing at the end of the campaign. You can take it home with you from the showing.

What does it include? As one of my 50 OVER 50 women you will receive:

A studio tour and pre-consultation with me to plan your session, discuss what you would like to wear, etc. 

-Hair and makeup professionally done on the day of your session (you will look amazing.)

- Access to our client closet/wardrobe

-  Fully guided session which will be fun and exciting. 

Reveal session where you will view all of your gorgeous images,   choose your complimentary 11x14 print, and have the   opportunity to purchase more if you wish. 

Your story and pictures will be published on social media and     printed media. 

Membership as a VIP with referral status. 

-Invitation to the showing of all 50 of our OVER 50 beautiful   women (venue to be determined) after we are done   photographing all 50 women. 

The project will be promoted so you must be okay with the following:

- You will be interviewed either before or after our session to tell me your story about yourself and how you feel about being a woman over 50.

-Your story will be shared with the public and may be printed in my magazine.

-Video or pictures of you will be used so a release is required.

-A before and after picture will be taken and displayed on my website and shared to social media. 

How can I participate?

-Contact me to set up a date/time for your session.

-Click on the button below to pay your retainer/50 OVER 50 participation fee. 

-Show up for your session and enjoy being pampered and a fun and exciting session. We cannot be held responsible for how beautiful you will look and feel! Make sure to book a night out since you will be gorgeous! 

NOTE: The retainer/participation fee is nonrefundable if you cancel or no show. 

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