Every year I recruit ambassadors to become representatives for Studio B Boudoir! You do not need to have modeling experience to participate in the program, just a fun personality and a great attitude.

Who am I looking for? She's you, she's your best friend, she's the women you work around every day. I'm looking for real women who are genuine, positive, outgoing, confident, strong and active in the community (both online and where you live). They are fun, confident when speaking, and love to empower women of all ages, sizes, body types, and ethnicities.

She is not afraid to talk about body positivity and self worth. She is willing to talk about her boudoir experience and how it impacted her own life and self image. She is comfortable doing her own boudoir session and is down for having her images shared online and with other potential clients. She is excited for group shots with the other sisters and participating in influencing and recruiting potential clients for Studio B.

Why join our team? Because belonging to something so empowering to women is an amazing experience in itself, not to mention the uplifting you will be able to do for the other women you meet as well as those already in your life. Most women have little to no esteem and can always use a little uplifting from our fellow sisters. 

NOTE: Please talk to your significant other before applying and also make certain it will not affect your job! You will be signing a legal contract agreeing to pay back all costs of the session and any images/products you received if you later decide not to continue with the program. 

What do I have to do and how to I join the program?

1. There are dues of $200 to cover expenses like your hair/makeup/referral cards, etc. This will convert to a studio credit and be added to your referral credits after 6 months. We wait 6 months after your session so that you have time to earn plenty of referral credits to be applied toward your collection. This fee is nonrefundable if you choose to leave the program for any reason.

2. You must be willing to sign a legal contract agreeing to the terms of the program and a full model release knowing that the images will be shared on all forms of social media and used for advertising. It also includes your understanding that if you do not complete the program that you will be responsible for paying full pricing for your session and any images/products you received while in the program.

Make sure to talk it over with your significant other before signing up as it's usually the guys who get mad about pictures being shared. Also make sure it won't affect your job!! This is important.

The level of nudity you want to do is entirely up to you. I would never ask anyone to do something they are uncomfortable with.                                                    

3. You agree to publicly share the images from your own boudoir session on all social media platforms that you are on and to use them to influence others to have sessions. After all you get $100 credit for each session that is booked under your referral.

4. You will publicly like, share, and comment on posts from the photography pages for Pitmon Photography and Studio B both on Facebook and Instagram. This means that your accounts cannot be set to private or potential clients won't see it and I can't re-share it if your account is set to private. 

5. You will help keep the VIP groups moving and interacting by posting, commenting, liking etc. Post a minimum of once a week at least twice a day one day a week. Keep engagement up in the group and help answer any questions you can. If someone asks about a session and you convince her to book then that referral is yours. There are two groups, one for Studio B (boudoir) and one for other types of sessions (we try to keep the boudoir separate for obvious reasons).

6. You will share posts, inspirations, and images with your contacts and friends about booking sessions, after all you get paid $100 in studio credit for every person that books and completes their session under your name.

7. Encourage women and build up women's confidence in themselves and offer them a referral. They will think it's a gift from you! 

8. Be an asset and dedicated to the face of the business.

9. Join the sisterhood ambassador group as this is where we will plan our future activities and ideas, build each other up and hopefully become great friends. All ideas for advertising are always welcome so bring it to the table. 

10. Basically, you need to be a strong, confident, bad ass woman who is willing to go out and sell the beauty and empowerment of the entire boudoir experience to other women. The more you bring to the table, the more you take home. 

What do I get in return for all of this? 

1. You get your very own luxury boudoir session styled in the way you love. The $200 dues you pay now converts to studio credit after six months in the program, which you can apply toward any of our album or folio collections.

2. You receive professional hair and makeup for your session, referral cards and supplies, and the overall experience of being part of the Sisterhood of Studio B for an entire year!

3. You will have the opportunity to earn referral credits to use (in addition to your $200 credit) toward beautiful albums and folio products from your own session to help reduce your collection cost. 

4. You will be taking part in a few group shoots throughout the year as well as special styled shoots for promotional purposes for Pitmon Photography/Studio B! Periodically we will do a sisterhood get together just for fun! Images posted to social media from these sessions will be yours at no cost. 

5. How many credits you earn is entirely up to you and how much work you put into it. You can walk away with a gorgeous collection not costing you a dime, or with nothing but a few images from the extra sessions... it's all about choices.

Which of the ambassadors I call for special sessions will greatly depend on how well they are promoting and getting referrals. The more you promote, the more opportunities you get.

6. You will be locked into my current pricing on the day I receive your signed contracts and dues, so even if my prices increase later, your prices will stay the same throughout your year of being an ambassador.  Due to this some of the ambassadors may have different pricing depending on when they signed up and got their contract and dues in.            

So, for an initial $200 investment in yourself you will receive a personalized boudoir session, professional hair and makeup, and the empowering uplifting experience of your very own session.

You will receive 2-4 stylized sessions and group sessions throughout your year and the digital images that I post on social media from those sessions will be yours (free of charge) at the end of your year!

The only thing you will use your earned referral credits for will be the prints, digitals, prints  you purchase from your own boudoir session. It's all in the hustle so don't be shy!

My album and folio collections begin at $995 (remember you have a $200 credit so you only need a few referrals to cover that one completely). You can also do a prepayment plan and get the additional bonuses if that is something you wish to do. Some of the girls buy this collection and use their credits to upgrade at the reveal, it's entirely up to you.      

How do you earn credits? Simply by talking to and referring women for boudoir or glamour sessions, or families for family fine art sessions, seniors for senior sessions, etc. You will receive $100 in studio product credit for each fine art session booked and completed under your referral. In the end you will have those earned credits and the $200 credit from your initial investment. Some of the girls chose to also do a prepayment plan for the basic collection and use their referral credits to upgrade to better collections. If that is something you want to consider talk to me about it. 

Last minute cancellations and no-call no-shows to your consultation or sessions are an immediate deal breaker for the program. Emails/messages should be answered in a timely manner (within 24 hours). 

At the end of your year we will evaluate and if you've done well with referrals and wish to continue we will renew your contract for another year! This way you have the opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with the studio and a boudoir session yearly!

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