Studio Policy

CONSULTATION: The consultation may very well be the most important meeting of the session. This is where plans for your dream session are kindled and grown into something special. I will show you the studio, and you will get to see and touch all of the products we offer and begin to imagine what you would love to create. We will discuss wardrobe, style, colors, how many sets, indoors or outdoors, and every single detail will be planned for you.

RETAINER/BOOKING FEE: There is a non-refundable retainer/booking fee to hold the session date/time. The retainer is non-refundable if you cancel as the date/time was held for you and not available to be booked to another client. The retainer/booking fee does not include prints or digital images. 

CONTRACT IS REQUIRED: You will be required to sign a session agreement as well as a liability release to include COVID. These are required to schedule your session. A model release is optional unless your session is for a casting call or ambassador session.

CASTING CALLS: We sometimes put out a call to do certain types of sessions so we can use the images for advertising. Details will be given for the current casting call. 

WARDROBE:  I will help with styling the wardrobe and accessories for your session and match them to the backdrops on hand. The studio has a collection that you may utilize free of charge. We are building our collection of lingerie and may have something to suit you for that as well. 

HAIR/MAKEUP: All of our clients love having hair and makeup done as it takes the experience and session to the next level. Hair and makeup can be added on to your session. If you choose not to use our HMUA you can go to your normal HMUA artist, or come as you are, it's entirely up to you.       

VOUCHERS: If you are lucky enough to have gotten your hands on a voucher or referral that is wonderful! They come in different amounts and the value of the voucher will be deducted from the purchase at the reveal.  Some vouchers even cover your session fee. Vouchers do not cover hair and makeup. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Only one voucher per session. Voucher credits not utilized at the reveal session will be forfeited upon leaving the reveal appointment. Vouchers cannot be applied toward a Simple session, Christmas session, or Santa session.

BOOKING: Nonrefundable retainer/booking fee is required to hold your date and time just for you and is non-refundable if you cancel or no show. Fees are payable by cash, debit, credit card, or by invoice.

TRAVEL: Travel fees may be applicable depending on the location of your venue or multiple venues. Contact the studio for a quote.

MODEL RELEASE: Model release is required if your session is a casting call or ambassador session. Otherwise it is not required and no images will be posted online in any form without a signed model release allowing us to use the images. 

SALES TAX: Applicable sales tax for Union County will be added to all purchases. 

RESCHEDULING/CANCELLING: We will happily reschedule your session to another date as long as you notify the studio in writing at least 7 days before the date/time of your scheduled session. The new session must take place within 365 days of the date of the previously scheduled session. We will only reschedule your appointment once, after that you forfeit the original retainer and a new one must be paid to reschedule. If you cancel or no-show you forfeit the retainer. 

BE ON TIME: If you are running late for your appointment please call the photographer immediately. If on location the photographer will wait 15 minutes past the appointment time and then will leave the location and cancel the appointment and you will be considered a no-show and forfeit the retainer. If you are late for your appointment it will cut your session time short by the amount of time you are late. Because we have other obligations, your session time will begin and end at the scheduled times. If you are too late the session will be cancelled and the retainer forfeited. No shows will forfeit the retainer.

RE-SHOOT: A redo of a completed session will be scheduled only in cases of malfunctioning equipment, failure of hard drives, or unusable images due to mechanical issues, and in those cases will be redone at no cost to the client. 

Re-shoots will not be scheduled because the subjects (client, guests, teenagers, children)  are uncooperative with the photographer at the time of the session. While we try our best to get great results from kids, sometimes children are unpredictable and don't always cooperate as we would like. For best results please try to schedule your appointment at a time during the time of day when your child is well rested and most happy. The more relaxed you are the more relaxed your child will be. 

If a re-shoot is deemed necessary for any reason, all of the images from the first session will be deleted per policy and only the images from the new session will be presented.

REVEAL: We will schedule a date/time for the reveal session at the studio. This is when you will see the images and purchase your favorite products. This is done in person at the studio. We do not offer online galleries or printed proofs.

Please make sure everyone involved in the purchasing process is present as this is the only appointment included with the session. A separate fee of $100 will be required to schedule a second reveal session. The reveal must be completed within 30 days of the completion of your gallery, otherwise the images will be archived and there will be a retrieval fee of $100 to retrieve them from the archives. Credits not used at the reveal will be forfeited.

THIRD PARTIES: Please note that only the clients who signed the contract can order through the studio and have access to the images, unless I have written permission from the client who signed the contract allowing me to do so. 

PAYMENT: Payment can be made by cash,  debit, or credit card. If you write a check it must clear the bank (10-14 business days) before products will be ordered or delivered. Pre-payment plans are offered by Square invoices; you put a down payment and then monthly payments until the balance is paid in full. You receive bonuses added to your session for a prepaid collection. No products will be delivered until full payment is made. Orders cannot be changed or cancelled once you order. Credits not used at the reveal will be forfeited.

DELIVERY: Once your order is paid in full and payment has cleared, we will process your order with the lab. You should receive your order within 2-8 weeks of the order being completed by the lab, depending on the items ordered. Only the clients who signed the contract can receive the product and it must be signed for to acknowledge receipt. 

IMAGE STORAGE: The images you purchase will be stored for as long as we remain in business. Images not purchased at the reveal session will be stored for a short time and then deleted as we need the storage space for new clients. Please back up your purchased images! We are not responsible for maintaining a copy of images that have been delivered to the client. 

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