The Magical Santa Experience

Once a year, in the wink of an eye, Santa arrives at the studio for a short time. The minute you enter our studio, the magical, nostalgic feeling of Stories of Christmas past will surround you. You will witness your children experience the magic, love, hope and wonderment that Santa always brings. The Magical Santa Experience will fill you with joy, laughter, and perhaps tears while you watch in wonder as the children interact with Santa. 

This is not the standard mall Santa experience. These sessions are so uniquely different from anything your children have experienced anywhere else. The children are mesmerized with magical stories as Santa takes them through the entire Storybook experience. In the end we will have captured enough magical images to fill a storybook.

The experience begins when you book the session. Your children will receive a letter in the mail from the North Pole with Golden Tickets inviting them to Santa's Workshop. This helps get them excited to come and play in Santa's workshop. Our hand-finished  fine art pieces will add a timeless appeal to the Magical Santa experience. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that your children will remember forever.

The experience is limited to the children of your immediate family (siblings). The ideal ages for the experience are ages 4+, however we have had some 2 year olds jump right in and have a great time. We do offer a shorter session just for babies and little ones if you feel your child would do better with a less interactive session.          

Due to the nature of the storybook experience all images are group images, no single portraits will be taken during the session.

We do offer private Friday evening sessions, which allows for a more relaxed atmosphere since there are no appointments after yours. This is sometimes helpful for children with special needs, to offer a little more time with Santa.   

If you wish to have an extended experience with cousins, extended family, or friends you will need to book back-to-back sessions for each family unit and then we will take a few images of the entire group afterward. Contact the studio and I will be happy to help!

How much does it cost? The amazing experience is $250 and $100 of that will be deducted from your purchases.  A La Carte prints begin at $79, there is no minimum purchase requirement.                                        

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