I love it when previous Clients refer me to their friends!! It's the best compliment ever!!

The person referring must be a previous Client.

The referral must be a NEW CLIENT and the session must be a REGULAR PRICE standard beauty/boudoir session (with the exception of Black Friday deals only).  

When you refer a new client and they book a regular price standard beauty/boudoir session, complete the session & reveal AND make a purchase, then you will receive a $100 studio credit on your account to use toward the future purchase of products from a new session. Referral credits must be used on future sessions and cannot be used toward the retainer or hair and makeup, but are to be applied toward product purchases.

If the referral does not complete their session and reveal with a purchase the referral does not count and you will receive a small gift (my choice) from the studio in place of the studio credit, so you will always be rewarded in some way! 

The person that is referred must be a NEW CLIENT. The new client will receive a ONE-TIME$100 studio credit to be used toward the purchase of a COLLECTION. One referral credit per new client is permitted. Stacking new client referral credits is not permitted. Once a new client has used a referral credit at their reveal session (purchase or not) they are no longer eligible to use referral credits.                           

Referral credits are valid on regular priced sessions and cannot be used on La Petite Sessions, themed sessions, promotional sessions, flash sales, or ambassador sessions where the session is already deeply discounted. 

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